Our Team

The Horses

Quinta do Cavalo Kiron

Help Kiron’s Association to take care of the horses during Covid-19

In this movie you can see many of the horses with which we work. Our special thanks and acknowledgement to Nathalie Durel for the creation of the Kiron Association and her work of inestimable value. Kiron Association saved all the horses and ponies that live at Quinta do Cavalo Kiron. The Kiron Association fights for their rights, respect and dignity, for a better life, free from abuse. Only happy and balanced horses, living with dignity and in peace can help human beings to find their own balance, and the way to live happier.



Grey Hill

I had an accident and broke my leg, so I became useless to my owners who could not ride me anymore.
Thanks to Natalie’s association I can live at Quinta do Cavalo Kiron, in Sintra, and I can help many people.

Lalune (The Moon)

I am Lalune, after working for 23 years at a horse riding school, I was rescued by Nathalie´s association when I was on my way to the slaughter house. Now I’m happy work with my colleagues to help people who needs a chance, like I needed.

Our coaches

Olga Delgado

  • PhD in Leadership (UPC)
  • Professor and Researcher in several Universties
  • Therapist trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Childhood Conduct Therapy, Psychodynamic Treatments, and Organizational Consultancy (UNED)
  • Certified “Horse Assisted Educator based on the HorseDream® concept” 

Nathalie Durel

  • President at the Kiron Association for the development of human beings and horses – Clube Unesco Kiron
  • Therapist, trained in Jungian transpersonal psychology, specialized in artherapy, coaching and Equine Assisted Interventions, creator of the Kiron®

Carmen Valenzuela

  • Certified “Horse Assisted Educator based on the HorseDream® concept” 
  • Member of EAHAE® International (Association for Horse Assisted Education).

Our medical members

Lena de Melo

Nurse specialized in:

  • Anti-aging health and wellbeing
  • Tracking health metrics in Horse & Wellness workshops

Nelson Olim

  • World Health Organization Consultant
  • Supervisor of Horse & Wellness program