Organizational development

Our trainings are based on the latest techniques for skills development, totally focused on customer needs and aimed at continuous improvement of human resources performance.

After an analysis of the client’s needs, we will define a training plan that, through group games and activities, will help to develop the skills of your collaborators, improving their motivation to achieve results that exceed expectations, both individually and in groups.

The difference between successful companies and those that fail are their learning, training and organizational development activities (Coulson-Thomas, C., 2003).

The benefits for your Company

  • Better results in the critical factors of success, obtaining better financial results
  • Employees more focused on excellence in customer service
  • Increased customer perception of quality
  • More competitive collaborators, more focused on results, with greater autonomy and responsibility
  • Optimised time management
  • Better resolution of interpersonal conflicts
  • More knowledge sharing, greater group intelligence and more effective teamwork
  • Better decision making and problem solving at all levels of the organization
  • environment more open to change and search for continuous improvement through innovation

Let’s work together to boost a higher success!

  • Let’s talk about the main areas of improvement of your organization and the objectives pursued
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  • We prepare training proposals adapted to all types of organizations
  • Our goal is to help your company achieve more and greater success in the future
  • Trainings in English, Spanish and Portuguese

Workshops with horses

HORSEPOWER Balance® offers you Leadership & teamworking workshop assisted by horses, adapted to the needs of your company or of your individual development.

While working with horses under the guidance and supervision of an equine coach, the participants will have a unique and effective opportunity to note the thoughts in which they engage. These realizations provide excellent bases for discussion and processing both during and after the coaching experience, to help you:

  • discover your authentic leadership style and how you can lead in the most effective way
  • build confidence and fuel your courage to lead with more conviction and intent
  • focus on what is happening and what you are doing
  • be aware of your verbal and non-verbal impact
  • communicate with confidence and conviction
  • remain grounded in chaos and deal with conflict appropriately
  • be honest in your communication and open to new ideas

Being hyper-sensitive prey animals, our equine partners have an amazing ability to pick up on our true emotions and help us to discover our authentic selves. Their behaviour towards us contributes to understand our own essence, as well as our personal boundaries that are limiting our potential success. Horsepower Balance® offer in-depth tools through profound horse-human interactions to help us to unblock our internal barriers.


In past centuries all leaders were trained with the help of horses. Working with horses fosters courage, strength, creativity and willingness to take risks, but at the same time also fosters a sense of responsibility, reliability, patience and determination.

“To be led” means to follow voluntarily. In its most pronounced form it should ensure the independence and willingness to take risks in moving forward in the direction the leader desires.

And the horse? Who does the horse follow? The horse follows a person precisely then, when they demonstrate self-confidence, trustworthiness, clarity, credibility and are goal oriented.

“To date I have read a lot about leadership, but today I felt what leadership is.” said one of our participants. The horse directly mirrors a person’s outward manner of leading and their internal attitude. It helps us to recognize our strengths and weaknesses and sometimes it only takes a small self-correction for us to become more like our “real selves”.


Where people work together there are always issues that cost time and energy. These can be caused by external or internal factors. When teams are newly formed it takes some time to get rid of reservations and build trust.

Sometimes communication fails just because of misunderstandings, or because the connection doesn’t take place in a reasonable way, or perhaps because information has been exchanged before people have found the right approach to each other.

In the horse-assisted training’s learning environment, teams grow together in an extremely short period of time. In the two 4-hour sessions, they pass through so to speak, the four phases of the team development process (according to Tuckman): Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing.

Leadership for women

HORSEPOWER Balance® offers you a Leadership workshop with horses to empower women.

Join our two-days leadership workshop with horses specially designed to empower women. You will discover your own leadership style and how to apply your inner strengths effectively to achieve your goals.

Workshops in-company

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  • Time and stress management
  • Conflict management 
  • Innovation and creativity 
  • Communication 
  • Motivation 
  • Cultural differences 
  • Knowledge management and decision-making