Coaching & Therapy

On-line therapy

Feeling better starts here.

Whether it’s stress, anxiety, depression or sudden loss, HORSEPOWER Balance® is here for you. Anything you share is confidential. We all have thoughts and behaviours that limit our wellness.

Talk to a licensed therapist from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Don’t go it alone, HORSEPOWER Balance® is here to help you.

On-line coaching

The way to succeed starts here.

Whatever your goal is, our on-line coaching will help you to go beyond expectations and get exactly what you want from life and work, and even more. We will support you to face threats and endure critical moments finding out new opportunities and increasing your inner strength.

Therapy with horses

EFP has shown excellent results in cases of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, addictions, trauma and several of other psychological issues.

Assisted Therapy (EAT), particularly Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP), has shown excellent results in cases of substance abuse, addictions, trauma, depression, anxiety and several of other psychological issues. We offer regular sessions of EFP in the area of Lisbon, and we organize personalized intensive treatment retreats in various areas of Spain and Portugal.

Contact us and we will look together for the best option for your case.